3 Tips for Wiring a Bathroom Extractor Fan

There are at least three tips that may be helpful for you when wiring a bathroom extractor fan. A bathroom extractor fan is used to extract heat, moisture and humidity within the bathroom. This is important to keep the moisture from seeping behind walls and forming mold and other types of bacteria that can be harmful to the stud walls and flooring.

A strong box needs to be built to house the fan. Before wiring the extractor fan the main circuit breaker should be off and remain off throughout the installation. If it is not off, you run the risk of shorting the electrical circuit to the bathroom extractor fan. Finally make sure to secure all of the wiring properly before you complete the installation of the extractor fan.

Tip #1 - Building a Strong Housing Box

You will need to build a housing box for the extractor fan. The housing box is necessary to hold the extractor fan in place and keep it from slipping out. The housing box assembly can be purchased at the same time that the extractor fan is purchased. You may need to widen the installation area in the bathroom in order to accommodate the housing box, but it is necessary to make sure that the extractor fan stays in place.

Tip #2 - Cutting Off the Main Circuit Breaker

Before you begin the process of wiring the extractor fan for the bathroom, you need to make sure that the main circuit breaker has been turned off before you begin the installation. The main circuit breaker controls all the power in the home. Shutting off the main circuit breaker will ensure that the power is off and  make it safe for you to wire the extractor fan.

If you do not properly  shut off the circuit you run the risk of shorting the circuit during the wiring. It is also never a good idea to touch live wires during the installation of an electrical appliance. You run the risk of electrocution or being shocked by the wires, especially if you are not properly grounded or are working on a metal ladder that can act as a conductor for the electricity.

Tip #3 - Secure the Wiring

The wiring should be secured and completely tucked back into the wall or wire box before attaching the extractor fan. Wiring ends should be capped and taped using electricians tape. This will keep the wires from sparking or potentially causing an electrical fire from starting. Usually when you purchase an appliance such as a bathroom extractor fan, instructions are present that show you how to secure the loose wire in order to maintain safety in your home.

These are a few tips that should help you properly wire a bathroom extractor fan. These tips should be helpful in assisting you in the completion of the wiring task and make the job of wiring your bathroom extractor fan easier and more successful.