3 Tips for Wood Fence Installation

A wood fence can serve a wide array of purposes. It can add a sense of personality to any yard not to mention keeping things in (your dog that has a tendency to wander) and keeping things out (your neighbor's weird kid that has a tendency to lick people). Installing a fence can seem like a big project but with a few tips it can become easier.

1. Double Check before You Start Digging

Lay out the pieces of your fence ahead of time on the ground to see how it looks. Check the spacing between the posts (usually they're 6 to 8 inches apart); move them closer together and further apart to see how you like it. Make sure you're positive about the spacing before you start digging.

2. Do Your Math

So you figured out how far apart you want your fence posts to be, now do the math and make sure it's possible for the fence to begin and end exactly where you want it to. If it's not, readjust your spacing to compensate.

3. Always Use a Level

Every time you stick a fence post in the ground use the level to make sure it's completely straight before you move on. Every. Single. Time. Nothing is worse than getting to the end of your fence, standing back to look at your handy work, and realizing the whole thing looks just a little bit crooked.