3 Tips on How to Whitewash a Table

When trying to whitewash your table there are different ways you can go. People use it as a way to give furniture a classier look. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to give that coffee table a nice antique look, here are a few tips that will help you along the way.

1. Using Sandpaper to Make the Paint Adhere

Before starting to paint, make sure you sand off all of the surfaces. This will make the paint adhere better and will provide a more grainy textured look. Also use sandpaper after the paint is dry to sand off places that would normally get a lot of wear such as the edges of the table.

2. Using 2 Colors for a more Rustic Look

Painting 2 colors on top of each other and then sanding bits off will make the bottom color pop out. You can, for example, paint black underneath, white on top and then sand off the corners for a truly rustic look. Use a foam brush for best results.

3. Wiping off the Stain in the Grain Direction

After applying the stain, use a wet rag to wipe leftover stain off in the direction of the wood grain. Applying a lot of pressure will make the results brighter while a gentle touch will have a very dark tone. Let it dry for 36 hours after the last application of whitewash.