3 Tips on Installing Child Safety Locks

Attaching safety locks to doors and windows in the home can become a priority when young children start to become mobile. By implementing some tips for the installation of the locks, you can ensure that they are fitted correctly, so that crawling and walking children don’t find dangerous items.

1 – Height

If the height of the safety locks are a factor, make sure that they are fitted where they offer the most benefit. To reduce the risk of persistent young minds figuring out how the locks work, place them out of their reach, while still able to be reached by adults.

2 – Appropriate

Make sure that you use the appropriate safety lock for the fixture that you want to make safe. For example, safety locks designed for the cupboards in the kitchen and bathroom will not be suitable for the front door.

3 – Correct Installation

To ensure that safety locks are fitted in the correct way, make sure the instructions are properly considered. In order to be effective, the locks must be fitted the correct way around, and must be properly aligned. Where necessary, make a note of the dimensions of the door or window prior to installation, to ensure the lock will fit correctly.