3 Tips on Restoring an Antique Armchair 3 Tips on Restoring an Antique Armchair

An antique armchair can add beauty and charm to any room. Unfortunately, with time the chair can become less stable. This ends up becoming less functional and more decorative. If you don't want to have to keep reminding your guests to not use it, here is how you can reinforce the chair to make it safe to use again.

    1. Check the Legs

    If the chair is simply wobbly, you can fix this without major issue. Measure the length of all the legs to ensure one hasn't worn down. If the chair has sliders on the legs, check to ensure the sliders are all intact. Also check the chair joints to ensure they are all intact. If not, these are all easy fixes that will only take a few minutes.

    2. Check the Hardware

    Since you have the chair flipped over to check the legs, go ahead and check all the hardware as well. If you see brackets or fasteners that are loose or damaged, go ahead and plan on replacing them. You should only need a screwdriver with older chairs for this.

    3. Check the Webbing

    If you can remove the cushion from the chair, you will be able to see the webbing that is used. The webbing is designed to create added support between the cushion and the seating surface of the chair. Antique chair webbing is going to be frail, and likely falling apart. You can purchase new webbing that is heavier, and simply attach it to the frame with a stapler. Be sure you pull the webbing taught as you install it for maximum security.

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