3 Tips to Ensure that Your Grass Patch Seed Grows In 3 Tips to Ensure that Your Grass Patch Seed Grows In

By following a few simple steps, grass patch seed will germinate and become a bed of grass quickly.

1 - Preparing the Soil

Grass seed grows best when it is planted on a level, well mixed soil combination of earth, compost and peat moss. Use a rototiller to till a five inch layer of earth in the area needing grass. Remove all the stones and large clumps of dirt. Once the earth has been properly tllled, level the soil mixture with the back of a rake. Put a 1-inch layer of new topsoil over that and rake it level again.   

2 - Planting the Grass Seed

Spread the grass seeds evenly by hand over the area. It does not have to be covered like other seeds but it will grow better if it is raked into the top layer of soil.   

3 - Watering the Grass Seed

Use a sprinkler to water the grass seed. Keep the area moist but not wet for the next 10 days. Ground that is too wet could move the seed out of its soil. Make sure the soil is dark and moist to ensure that the grass seed germinates quickly. Place a few small stakes in the ground around the area. Link the stakes with string to keep any people and animal traffic off the area, which will enable the grass root to form easily and the lawn to fill in quickly.

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