3 Tips to Keeping Your Dorm Room Clean 3 Tips to Keeping Your Dorm Room Clean

College and high school dorm rooms are typically so cramped for space that a few days worth of carelessness makes the room appear as if it would take years to clean. To avoid creating an overwhelming mess, follow these three tips and your room will stay organized and clean throughout the year.

Tip #1 - Utilize and Organize Storage Space

Since dorm rooms are tight on living space from the time you move it, it is essential that you utilize the nooks and crannies of the room as storage space. Check under your bed, beneath your desk and even in between your furniture. Make sure to assign and organize these spaces to specific activities or items so you stay organized.

Tip #2 -  Clean the Little Things Weekly

Create a cleaning schedule and get into the habit of executing it as soon as possible. Cleaning a dorm isn’t very hard because of its small size; plan on wiping the windows and sweeping the floors once a week. It will prevent your room from getting out of control and overwhelming.

Tip #3 -  Make Your Bed Every Day

A freshly made bed has an analogous effect as a freshly frosted cupcake; it draws attention away from any imperfections and still makes your room look good. You will be surprised at how much more inviting and organized your dorm room will look if your bed is made.

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