3 Tips to Reduce Damp Proof Basement Cost

finished basement

Creating a damp proof basement can prevent some serious costs in the future. Since prevention is far more effective than repair, you can cut costs in your basement by taking some precautions that will stop you from unnecessarily having to fork out money.

Tip 1 - Water Membranes

Always fit a solid water membrane between your concrete and your subfloor. Any water that reaches under the membrane will sink into the ground under your home, but if you do not have that sort of protection, you render yourself open to excess water ruining your basement.

Tip 2 - Damp Coursing

Use a damp coursing around the lower 2-feet of your basement walls. Ensure that it is mold and mildew resistant. You can buy damp coursing paint, which is applied similarly to regular paint to protect your basement walls from dampness creeping in.

Tip 3 - Air Bricks

Have plenty of ventilation as well as heat in your basement. Heat will dry any dampness, and ventilation will prevent moisture in the first place. Put air bricks in your basement walls. Place them higher than any outside water level and low enough to have a circulatory effect.