3 Tips when Adding a Skim Coat to a Plaster Wall

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-200

A wall made from drywall can develop small dents over time. To fix the damage, a skim coat can be applied to the wall. Here are three tips to keep in mind when adding a skim coat to a plaster wall.

1 - Prepare the Wall

Spread an old sheet on the floor and over any furniture you need to protect. Before you skim coat the wall, you will need to clean it. Scrape away any loose plaster from any of the cracks or dents in the wall. Use a joint compound to fill in the cracks and dents. Sand down the excess compound and the surrounding wall once it has dried completely. Use a vacuum to remove any dust that develops from the sanding.

2 - Apply the Plaster

Be sure to read all of the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the plaster before you begin to work. Following the directions, combine the plaster and load it into a pan. Start at the bottom of the wall. Use a plaster float to apply the plaster in upward strokes. Allow the plaster enough time to dry completely. Apply a second layer of plaster, beginning at the top and using downward strokes.

3 - Dampen the Plaster

Repeat the plastering process. Fill a clean spray bottle with water. Spray the wall to keep the plaster damp. Polish the dampened plaster, moving your float back and forth over it until it is flat. Allow the wall a full day to dry before you apply a primer.