3 Tips when Installing a Ventless Heater in the Garage

A ventless heater in a garage is great because a garage is not often insulated or heated. Installing a ventless heater in the garage is easy to do but there are some tips to properly doing it that this article will address.

1 - Consider the Location Carefully

When placing a ventless heater the location is an important choice. It needs to be located in an area that will do the most good. If the unit has a fan then placing it in a corner facing the center would circulate the heat well. If the heat is more radiant then placing it along a wall furthest from the work area would suffice.

2 - Be Mindful of Materials

Just because a ventless heater does not produce exhaust or fumes does not mean they are not dangerous. There are many chemicals in a garage, like paint thinner, that are very volatile. If they even get heated too much they can cause a fire or explode. Never place a heater near these chemicals.

3 - Fuel

You can purchase a ventless heater that connects to your natural gas line or ones that use fuel like a kerosene heater. Others will be electric. Choose the ventless heater that best suits your budget, size of the garage and your contents of the garage.