3 Tips When Mixing Mortar for a Shower Enclosure


If you are mixing mortar for a shower enclosure the process is the same as with any other project involving mortar. You must mix the appropriate amount of mortar and water according to the packaging instructions. Read this article for some helpful hints on mixing mortar for a shower enclosure.

Read the Packaging Material Carefully

In most all cases, when working with mortar and other adhesive materials, the trick is to read the instructions carefully and thoroughly. If you read the packaging materials for the mortar, you should have no problem mixing it, obtaining the proper consistency, and using the mortar in a manner that is consistent with standard practices.

There are no shortcuts to learning how to work with building materials like mortar, especially if you have never worked with them before. Take the time to read the instructions.

Have Enough Water to Mix the Mortar

Reading the packaging material for the mortar will tell you the amount of water needed to bring the mortar to the proper consistency. You should have enough water to ensure that the mortar is mixed properly. The ratio of water to mortar mix varies depending on the type of mortar mix that you are using. Work accordingly based on the type of mortar mix you are using and not on any type or any generic instructions that you might receive elsewhere.

Mix the Appropriate Amount for Use

Typically when working with mortar, you can only mix the amount that you need. Mortar can set quickly. If you mix too much in a batch, you may end up wasting some of it, which can become costly. It is better to make just the right amount or even less, then mix more as it is needed.

Working with mortar and mixing it for a bathroom shower enclosure project is not difficult. Wear a dust mask and safety goggles.