3 Tips when Removing a Chipped Mirror Tile 3 Tips when Removing a Chipped Mirror Tile

If you want to remove a mirror tile from a wall in your home, then you need remember that these tiles are made of glass, and need to be handled carefully. Glass tiles can easily break when you are pulling them out, and any chips or cracks which the tile has can easily cut you if you are not careful.

1. Use Duct Tape

You should start by cutting some strips out of duct tape. Place these onto the glass with a frame of tape around the sides, and a large X in the center. This will help to prevent the glass from shattering as you remove the mirror tile. Make sure that you put on safety gloves, and then proceed.

2. Locate the Edge

You should tap along the side of the mirror tile until you find a weak spot. Use a chisel to split the plaster around the tile. Use this to remove the grout along the sides of tile.

3. Remove the Tile

When the grout has been scraped away, you should then push the hammer under the tile, pulling forwards to take the mirror tile completely off of the wall. It should drop down easily. Take care to catch the tile as it falls.

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