3 Tools Needed to Repair a Toilet

When you need to repair a toilet, you will probably need some very basic tools. What sort of tools you will require depends on the problem you are having. Most toilet repair tools are simple tools you will most likely already have in your tool box.

1 – Long Nose Pliers

You will probably need a set of long nose pliers, especially if the chain on your toilet flusher is broken. Chains do tend to come undone and unhook themselves from the handle lever, and pliers will allow you to reattach the chain.

2 – Adjustable Wrench

A wrench is a vital tool if you need to repair the toilet. If you have to remove the tank or bowl, the wrench will assist in loosening and removing the bolts. Always carry an adjustable wrench so that you can make the jaws to any size.

3 – Thick Pliable Wire

You might not consider wire a tool, but it can make short term repairs to a toilet if the chain has snapped off. It can also prove useful if the seat breaks. You can thread it through the bolt hole to reattach the seat if needed.