3 Tree Bench Design Ideas

A tree bench can add a pleasant look and style to your garden allowing you spend time appreciating a nice spring or summer day. A round tree bench you can spend time appreciating the view from different angles.

Circular Tree Benches

Tree benches tend to be built around the base of a tree and are circular or multi sided. They take full advantage of the shade available from the tree. Many iron tree benches are circular.

Circular Tree Benches With Tables

Some tree benches are also fitted with tables that surround the tree. These are great for picnics or simply keeping stuff off the ground while you relax or work in the garden.

Stump Seats

If you are going to remove a tree, the leftover portion of the trunk could be used as the base of a bench and any healthy parts of the tree could be fashioned into the seat. The stump could also be carefully shaped and smoothed to become a single seat. If it is high enough, the trunk could also be used as the base for a table. Make sure to seal the top of the stump before use.