3 Types of Caulking Guns Explained

Caulking guns are used to apply caulk to joint and seams. Caulk is used to seal joints. It has traditionally been used in the wooden ship building industry and to close gaps between structures. In buildings it is used in order to create energy efficient spaces as it can ensure that heat stays in the room it belongs. This can save a lot of time and money and will increase the life of homes. There are several kinds of caulk guns used to apply caulk, 3 of which are explained below.

Ratchet Rod Caulk Gun

The ratchet rod caulk gun is the one that most home users will use. These are the guns that are traditionally available in hardware stores. Basically there is a ragged push rod that pushes the caulk out of the tube. It is based on pressure and to stop the caulk from moving then you will need to turn it upside down and pull back the rod. This will relieve any pressure that may build up. Most ratchet guns have a thrust ration of 5:1. These can be tricky to use as you may find it difficult to control the flow of the caulk. In order to open the caulk cartridge you need to cut it open with a knife and release the seal.

Smooth Rod Dripless Caulk Gun

This is one of the more common and popular caulking guns. You do not need to use nearly as much pressure to get the caulk out as it has a thrust ratio of 10:1. The rod uses a spring loaded plat lock that pushes a pressure rod. This rod makes it possible to adjust the pressure exactly as you need it by squeezing the trigger with different pressures. Once you release the trigger the flow of caulk will stop. This type of design is less fatiguing because you get twice the amount of pressure using the trigger than you do with a ratchet gun.

Electric Caulk Gun

The electric gun is best for those that use a caulking gun frequently. This gun works by plugging into the wall or you can find a battery operated gun. These guns are heavy duty and best used for large commercial task as not for home use or a small job. These guns are much easier on the hands and you can apply a very stead bead of caulk.

Using Caulk and Caulking Guns

Make sure you read the directions for the type of caulk you are using and the caulk gun. If you have never done any caulking before, then no matter what sort of gun you use you will need to practice. An electric gun makes things easy but you will not do a good job if it is the first time you use it. Practice is essential to creating a perfect bead of caulk.