3 Types of Ceiling Fans to Consider

a ceiling fan

There are many kinds of ceiling fans that you should consider when looking for a new fan for your home. Choosing between functionality, style and personal taste can be a tough decision; here is some information on three popular styles for you to consider before you begin shopping.

1. Cast Iron Ceiling Fans

These account for most fans made from the time of the ceiling fan’s invention in 1882 through to the 1950s and are so sturdily built that many 80+-year-old models are still in operation. The Hunter ‘Original’ is still manufactured and has several spin-off models. Most cast iron fans require oil lubrication to its motor about once or twice a year.

2. Stack Motor Ceiling Fans

These fans were developed as an answer to rising energy costs in the 1970s. Using an energy efficient motor, the fan’s blades mount to a central hub called a flywheel. This flywheel can be either mounted flush with the fan’s motor housing or prominently below the fan’s motor housing, which is called a dropped flywheel.

3. Direct Drive Ceiling Fans

These use a stationary inner core with a shell that revolves around it and the blades attach to this shell. These are the least expensive motors and are the most prone to failure and noise. Because they are inexpensive, these are very common in many brands of ceiling fans.