3 Types of Deck Footings

Deck footings are important parts of the deck construction. These footings provide solid foundation or base to support the deck. If the deck footings are not strong enough, the posts attached to the deck would fail resulting in possible injury or loss of property. The article discusses some popular deck footing types.

Type 1: Attached Deck Build over Grass

This type of deck footing is very popular and is generally considered as the most customary norm for deck footings. The deck footing requires holes to be excavated directly down below the frost level. Stones are thrown in the base of the hole and a cement tube is placed.

Type 2: Attaching Beam onto Solid Footings

If you do not need to use posts to raise the deck from the ground, consider connecting the end beams or middle beams on top of the cement footings. This type of decking is not very costly or expensive to be put up.

Type 3: Connected or Disconnected Deck over Concrete Cement terrace

Placing the deck over a solid cement patio hides away uneven and old cement work. Use deck anchors that drill into the cement and into the decking posts to create a secure and leveled surface over uneven ground. This type of footing prevents growth of plants from growing up to the deck.