3 Types of Drapery Rings Explained 3 Types of Drapery Rings Explained

Drapery rings allow you to hang drapes and curtains with ease. There are several types of drapery rings you can use in your home, including clip rings, end hooks and sliders. Each one has a slightly different function and creates a different look.  

Clip Rings

This type of drapery ring makes it easy to hang any type of material over a window or door. The rings are attached to clips that you can open and close to secure a wide range of different fabrics. The fabric itself does not have to have any attachment pieces, as the clip rings hold onto the material without extra assistance.

This type of drapery ring is probably the easiest to use because of how it's designed. You can quickly change the look of a room by using clip rings. If you have ready-made curtains or any type of fabric on hand, simply attach the clips to the fabric and you're ready to go. These rings allow you to spruce up a room in your home in an instant. You don't have to sew or cut to make these work for you.

End Hooks

These hooks are designed to go on the end of draperies so that the fabric can be attached securely to the rod and create a neat, clean look. End hooks come in different sizes, including long neck and short neck. You slide them into the end of the drapery fabric and then hook the ends onto drapery rings.  

You can also use end hooks on a single stretch of fabric, instead of using clips. This gives a cleaner and more finished look to your draperies.


Sliders are the part of a drapery rod to which clips and hooks are attached. Sliders are usually shaped like rings, so you can hook in the drapery once it's ready to be installed on your window. Sliders allow people to slide the drapes open and closed to let light into a room during the day and get some privacy at night.

When working with fabric or drapes, don't be afraid to use your imagination and creativity. You can purchase a wide variety of different styles of fabric from a fabric store and sew your own drapes if you want to save money.

Making your own drapes is also an excuse for a fun project for your home. It's not very difficult to create custom-made drapes, and the result is you have the perfect window coverings for your home that are unique and beautiful.

Buying fabric is inexpensive, and it's not hard to find all kinds of drapery hooks for reasonable prices. Once you've finished making the drapes, hanging them doesn't require a lot of effort. Use the drapery rings or clips that are best suited to your situation. The hooks you select will depend on the type of drapes you're hanging, and the size and shape of your window.

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