3 Types of Earth Augers Explained

There are a number of varieties of the tools known as earth augers. If you are looking for a large cutting tool that can remove a lot of earth at one time, then an earth auger is ideal. However, as well as being small hand-held tools, they can also come as very powerful earth-movers, digging holes up to 7 feet deep. There are many different types of earth auger, so you should know as much as you can about these different types of earth auger, and what will be best for you.

The Basic Earth Auger

The typical earth auger used by gardeners and farmers has a long pole with a handle on one end. This handle allows you to hold onto the tool while you twist and move it around in the earth. You can also find augers which have a range of boring tools, from very small, cutting blades to larger cutting edges which can sweep out larger areas of ground, or attachments which turn the basic earth auger into a drilling tool though the addition of a tripod. Most augers of this variety are around 2-3 feet in length, with the majority of that size consisting of the handle and pole.

Well-Boring Earth Auger

One of the other uses for an earth auger in the everyday home is as a digging tool for wells. The earth auger cuts or removes soil from the bottom of the well using a round cutting edge, rather as a drill cuts into the side of a piece of wood or plaster. The auger is lifted and lowered through the use of a tripod like structure. These types of earth auger are often powered through the use of an engine, although in other parts of the world they can be propelled by animals. If using a source outside of the power of the tool itself, then the power source turns the horizontal gears, which in turn drive the Kelly bar. The earth auger is attached to the center of the bar, which then raises and lowers according to the dictates of the gears.

Two-Man Auger

One of the largest types of earth auger which can be used by gardeners is the two-man auger. These are typically powered by petrol, and have the advantage of allowing you to dig earth in any direction, not only in the horizontal style of the hand tool. The two-man auger allows you to dig the angle at the position required, while the other operator controls the levers and gear shifts, so that you can go in and out of the earth quickly without having to adjust either the auger or your own placement. For quick movement of earth, the two-man earth auger is very powerful, although you will need to have sufficient earth moving that needs to be done in order to make it cost effective.