3 Types of Flexible Coupling

If you are looking for some flexible coupling devices, then you may not realize that they come in a number of different types. Choosing the right type for your need can be very important, as if you get the wrong type of coupling, you could end up with a leak, or a broken pipe. There are three main types of flexible coupling brands available:


This is the most common type of joint, and is made from two yokes, connected by a small device known as a spider. It is a very complicated type of coupling, but many plumbers use it, as it will fit over the ends of most types of pipe.


The Oldham coupling is made from three pieces, the middle part of which is held between two others. They can be made to flex by disengaging the parts, allowing them to be used where a shift in angle is needed. However, it is also possible to misalign the coupling using this type of joint.

Flexible Shaft

This type of coupling is very stiff, and is used when bending joints and lateral fittings are needed. They can be used, for example, when it comes to fitting speedometers in cars.