3 Types of Home Security Lighting Systems

There are a variety of home security lighting systems available to protect the house and the property of a homeowner. The lights on any exterior systems should be mounted at least eight feet off the ground in order to operate efficiently and to prevent any damage to them. The lights on the interior systems can be mounted closer to the ceiling in various rooms in the house. A combination exterior and interior home security lighting systems will provide the best protection against vandals, intruders and any other unwanted visitors to your home. 

1 - Outside Security Lighting

Motion detectors are effective for detecting the presence of intruders in the home or on the property of a homeowner. There are many different formats for detecting movement. Passive infrared motion sensors can detect movement and light up the area where the motion is occurring. These systems require careful mounting so that they do not light up after detecting a neighbor or pets around the house. They are beneficial in detecting unwanted visitors and warning homeowners. Sensors on flood lights and lanterns are used. Some systems operate by lighting up the area throughout the entire night. While this system makes it easier to see, it does not provide a warning of a person breaking into the home. The best outside home security lighting system provides twenty percent of the light, unless it detects motion. When it detects motion, it fully lights the area. Solar powered sensors can help to reduce the costs to run this type of security system. 

2 - Inside Security Lighting

There are many different types of interior home security lighting systems available. Lights activated by a timer are helpful to homeowners. The timer sets the lights to operate before the homeowner arrives, making it easier to enter the house. These systems are also very beneficial when the homeowner is away for an extended period. The home will seem occupied by the lights being automatically turned on and off. There are timer devices available that can also work with radios and televisions. Other lighting systems have remote control devices. The remote control can be attached to a key chain and be used to turn on the home lighting as the homeowner approaches in the car. 

3 - Lighting, Sound and Photo Alarms

When the home security lighting system is set off, there are a number of ways the system can warn the homeowner that an intruder is in the area. Primarily, the lights attached to the system will be turned on so that the homeowner can more easily see what is happening. Combining lights with an alarm is even more beneficial. The alarm will augment the effects of lights, providing an audible alarm as well as a visual one. Finally, by adding a photo detector, not only will there be both visual and audible alarms, but the entire situation will be recorded on film.