3 Types of Hurricane Shutters Explained

Hurricane shutters can be a great help once a hurricane is in town. Hurricanes are tropical cyclones that produces several thunderstorms and possesses strong winds and heavy rains. Its intensity strengthens as it passes through tropical oceanic regions. When hurricane hits a place or a country, it can do a drastic amount of damage. Depending on its strength, a community may be very badly hit or the damage may be controllable. Hurricane shutters are one way to mitigate hurricane damage.

What Types of Hurricane Shutters are Available

There are a lot of hurricane shutters available nowadays. There is the Automatic Rolldown Shutters - they are pre-installed PVC or metal louver shutters. These are stored in a box above every window and is simply rolled down and locked at the bottom. These hurricane shutters, if motorized, can be closed in just a click on the switch.

Another option is the Accordion Shutter – just like the Automatic Shutter, they are pre-installed when the storm comes, but this time they are folded at the sides of the window and are simply pulled closed and locked in the middle.

Awning Shutters are another type of hurricane shutter. However, unlike the first two types, the Awning Shutters can also be used as a shade if not used as a shutter. It is simply folded down and locked onto the wall whenever strong winds such as hurricane come.

What is the Most Durable Material for Hurricane Shutters

With hurricane’s unpredictable strength, you must plan carefully for all possibilities. Choosing the strongest and most durable material will surely provide enough protection for every hurricane. Above are some of hurricane shutters that are also of great help. But, the Storm Panel Shutter is definitely the most option of all because it is made up of steel or aluminum plates. They are hard to install, however, because they require a steel channel on top and bottom of the window. They are removed when not in use.

Which Types of Hurricane Shutters Provide the Most Protection

Every type of hurricane shutter is considered protection already. But if the hurricane to arrive is too strong and, you must use the option that can cover and protect the most. Just like the Storm Panel Shutter, another hurricane shutter that can provide enough protection is the Automatic Rolldown Shutters that are made of metal. It is rolled down from top to bottom of the window, which ensures full coverage of your house. Since it is made of metal, even a strong wind can bounce and not damage your property. Also, large windows and doors that have this kind of shutter uses reinforcing rods as additional strength to the shutter.

Hurricanes are considered a kind of calamity nobody would want to be of experience. Being alert and protected is the best way to ensure one’s safety. Installing hurricane shutters is an important step towards protecting your property and your family.