3 Types of Kitchen Extractor Fans

Kitchen extractor fans are used to reduce the amount of smells and grease that are produced during cooking. Extractor fans are available in a variety of types and sizes according to the design and requirements of the kitchen.

Type One - Hood Extractor Fans

Hood fans or canopy fans are installed directly over the stove. Hood extractor fans work by sucking up all of the tainted air and then they either expel the air outside or catch it on a filter which is housed within the fan. If the fan has a filter then this will need to be replaced or cleaned regularly.

Type Two - Island Range Extractor fans

Island range fan are the most effective in eliminating cooking polluted air. This type of extractor fan uses a chimney in order to suck up the air and then expels of it though the ceiling of the house.

Type Three - Freestanding Cooker fans

The freestanding extractor fans works in a similar way to the Island range fan, but without requiring a chimney. Instead this fan has a charcoal filter installed within it so that it can clean the polluted air and then circulate it back into the kitchen. The filters need to be cleaned regularly in soapy water or a dishwasher.