3 Types of Mum Flowers

Deb C.

Mum flowers, such as the chrysanthemum, flower mum or just plain mums, are one of the few flowers that the scientific name is also the name that it's known by. There are many different varieties of chrysanthemum flowers. These provide an exciting display of color and assortment. Here are 3 types of mum flowers. 

Centerpiece Mums

Centerpiece mums are named for their two-tone color. They are a rose lavender flower with gold centers. They have a 4-inch quill type of petal. The plant grows tall compared to other mums, and it flowers at early to mid season.  If you want to have mums growing and flowering all season long, consider this one for the beginning of the season.

Minngopher Mum

The Minngopher mum is a crimson red color. It grows lower than most mums and creates a 2¼-inch decorative flower. The Minngopher mum grows late in the season. Keep this in mind when planning a year-long flower bed. The word “minn” at the beginning of this variety indicates that it has a cushion habit of growth.

Spider Mums

Spider mums come in many different colors, yet all have the same flowering petal. The flower is about five inches in diameter and can grow all season long. When these are shipped they usually have a netting around the flower to keep the long, webby petals intact.

Mums have a wide range of characteristics. With the different types available, you're likely to find a variety that you will enjoy in your flower garden.