3 Types of Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor tiles are a great way to decorate your garden. There are many different types of tiles which can be used outside for a number of different purposes. Each look is different. Choosing the right types of outdoor tile will ensure that they will last you for as long as possible. Laying outdoor tiles is no more difficult than indoor tiles, but you still won't want to replace them soon after laying them.

1. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are some of the most common types of tiles in use today. These are made out of clay and then fired in a kiln at very high temperatures. Ceramic tiles are very durable because they are glazed and have a shiny surface. This means that it will be possible to wipe them clean should they ever get dirty. Ceramic tiles can also be mopped very easily.

When choosing ceramic tiles, it's important to note that not all types of tile are suitable for outdoor use. You must carefully choose tiles that are frost resistant. It's also a good idea to buy a slightly thicker tile which is more substantial.

Try to make sure that the sizes of all of the tiles are uniform. Because of the nature of ceramic tiles, they can sometimes differ in size which can make laying them difficult. They are fired in a kiln, and then cooled very quickly. This can create different sized tiles. Try to avoid this so that they are easy to lie. When laying ceramic tiles make sure that the base is completely flat.

2. Stone Tiles

Stone or tiles are also perfectly suited to life outdoors. These are natural products and used to the elements, they are also a textured tile which means you will have much more grip compared to other types of ceramic tile. When choosing stone tiles make sure that they can be used outdoors and that frost won't cause them any damage. Sealant may also be required to stop anything from penetrating the tiles.

3. Mosaics

Mosaics can be made with very small tiles, stones or even bits of glass. Mosaics look fantastic but designing them can be a little tricky. You will need to give this some careful consideration before starting work. The tiles are very small which makes them fragile than bigger tiles.

Whichever type of floor tile you decide to use outdoors, just make sure that it's fitted properly and that you won't have any problem with it. There are so many different types to choose from that anyone can decorate their patio very easily. Be sure to keep in the mind the look and feel of the rest of the home so that the indoor theme will match the outdoors.