3 Types of Pipe Heat Tape

There are a few rare locations in a home where pipes do not receive enough warm air and may become extremely cold. Pipe heat tape can be used to keep the pipes from freezing in cold weather. Pipe heat tape is a type of insulated electrical wire that can be wrapped around pipes to keep them from freezing. These wires require an electrical power source to operate.

1 - Basic Heat Tape

There is a flat, precut tape available and regular tape that is sold in rolls. Both of these types of heat tape work well. The precut tape is commonly used by homeowners. The rolled tape is more popular with contractors.

2 - Rubber Coated Heat Tape

Most home improvement and hardware stores offer a rubber-coated heat tape that can be installed by the homeowner. It is installed along the length of the pipes. It also has a thermostat to regulate the heat. This type of tape is durable and moisture resistant.

3 - Contractor Heat Tape

Many contractors install a braided silver tape. This rolled material is wrapped around the pipes. This tape is cut on both ends and requires special end devices. This type of heat tape is not rubber coated and can become corroded.