3 Types of Playground Slides to Consider Building for Your Child

Playground slides are a lot of fun for kids, aged toddler and up. Children love climbing up the steps and coming down the slide with a whoosh. If you’re considering turning your backyard into a child’s play ground, a slide is a must-have. However, since playground injuries are probably the most common childhood injuries, it is essential that you choose the right kind of slide for your backyard playground. Here are the 3 different types of playground slides that you can consider building for your child’s backyard play area:

Flat Slides

Flat slides are the traditional slides that you see in all the regular playgrounds. Simple, straight lines and a flat slide to come down on, these slides are the easiest and the simplest to build and use. You can make them from either galvanized metal or wood and can paint them in colors to suit your child’s preference. You can also make the structure for the slide and then, buy a readymade, molded plastic slide and just attach it. Flat slides can either be single-bed or multi-bed. Single-bed flat slides are for single users while multi-bed flat slides are two or more single-bed slides joined together. The latter are ideal for homes with more than one child since they will allow two or even three kids to use the slide simultaneously.

Wave Slides

Wave slides are similar to flat slides, except that they have dips and bumps that go up and down. Wave slides are supposed to emulate the motion of a sea wave. Kids enjoy wave slides more than a flat slide simply because of these additional grooves. Making a wave slide from metal or wood may be difficult and you can instead, make the play structure or stand for the slide and attach a readymade, molded plastic wave slide to the structure.

Spiral Slides or Tube Slides

A spiral slide adds a dash of excitement as kids come spiraling down a slide or tube. These slides consist of two or more spiral-shaped structures that are either covered or open. The covered versions are called tube slides while the open ones are known as spiral slides. Kids climb up the steps like a regular slide and then slide down the spiral-shaped beds. Again, you can attach these slides can be to an existing play structure, such as a fort, easily or make them stand-alone. Since spiral slides cause kids to move to corners while coming down the tube, make sure that there aren’t any sharp edges or loose joints that can injure a child.

Slides, like swing-sets, are a child’s dream come true. Adding one to your backyard playground will lead to hours of fun, natural outdoor play. However, do ensure that the slide you choose or build is free of sharp edges, unsafe or loose nuts and bolts and, is stable, secure and easy for a child to use. So, choose a slide that best fits the size of your backyard and your budget and watch your child’s face light up as he swooshes down a slide.