3 Types of Pressure Washer Nozzles Explained

A high pressure washer nozzle is the main component that makes the pressure washer system work under high pressure. This nozzle consists of an aperture that opens into a bodily cavity to produce the desired amount of pressure for the flow of fluids. The pressure is produced when the flow is forced through the nozzle, producing a restriction to the flow of the pump. There are basically 3 types of nozzles, each of which is described below.

Type 1. NPT Threaded MEG Type

The first type of nozzle is the MEG type that consists of threaded pattern tips used typically for surface cleaning. Only threaded nozzle holders use these tips as they are designed for dual lances or for MEG tips. These nozzles are 1/8- or ¼-inch NPT threaded. These pressure washer nozzles are used for spinning dust cleaners, sandblast heads and for surface cleaning.

The impact pressure of pressure washer nozzle is produced highest at the exiting tips. Thus, the pressure decreases as the surface to be cleaned is further away from the nozzle. The effective distance for cleaning with good impact is 4 to 12 inches. Increasing the orifice size lowers pressure but maintains the output flow, decreasing the size increases pressure but reduces the flow

Type 2. Quick Disconnect Type

The second type of nozzle is the Quick Disconnect type in which one can select various angles for pressure washer nozzles it is possible to transform the pressure washer to cleaning, painting and a cutting device. Blasting nozzles are zero degree red tipped nozzles which are widely used for removal of rust from steel or tar from concrete. Stripping nozzles are 15 degree yellow tipped nozzles used for paint stripping from metal, wood and masonry. Cleaning nozzles are 25 degree green tipped nozzles ideally used for cleaning pools. 40 degree white tipped nozzles are used for washing windows, roofs and cars. Adjustable nozzles replace all these nozzles as they can be adjusted from 0 to 80 degrees, thus making them versatile.

Type 3. Black Tip Type

A black tip pressure washer nozzle consists of a black tip for application of chemicals. The tip is applied with chemical injector flowing downstream that is the chemical is produced to the stream only after it leaves the pump thus avoiding the damage that may occur by the chemical entering into the pump interiors. These nozzles have largest orifice thus not making them the high pressure tips. The nozzle produces siphoning action thus allowing the chemical to siphon from the chemical injector and meet the water flow. The drawback of this type of pressure washer nozzles is that they do not always perform the siphon action of the chemical. 

The main disadvantage of using these nozzles is the increase of stress in the system due to unavoidable spikes. This can be avoided by using an unloaded valve of flow type in bypass mode that bypasses the flow that repeats in a cyclic manner.