3 Types of RV Generators

RV generators are especially made for recreational vehicles to provide electricity for appliances being used inside it like coffeemakers, mini-refrigerators and microwaves. These generators are very useful especially for camping and road trips. There are several types of RV generators, each designed to produce a different amount. Consider the following to determine which will best suit your traveling needs.

1. Heavy Duty Generators

These generators, which pack more than 2000 watts of power, are heavy and bulky. However, they can generate power the entire day. This type of generator usually has a four stroke engine and ranges in different sizes, from the biggest 10kVA to the smaller 1.5kVA units. It is not suitable to power up electronic devices.

2. Smaller RV Generators

These generators are powered by two stroke engines that yield varying power of up to 1800 wattage with a lowest wattage of 750. This generator can power up a small refrigerator or few lights.

3. Inverter Generators

These are the latest RV generators to hit the market. The inverter has a power range of 1000 to 1,800 watts. This generator is much quieter to operate than the previous generators mentioned and appropriate for running electronic devices such as LCD TV, laptops and others.