3 Types of RV Roofing

There are three different types of commonly used RV roofing. The majority of RV roofing is made up of rubber while the others made of metal or a fiberglass material. Rubber is the most common since it is least likely to suffer from weather damage. They can, however suffer from physical damage by sharp objects. Metal and fiberglass are harder and not easily damaged by sharp objects, but are more vulnerable to weather damage.

1 - Rubber RV Roofing

Rubber RV roofing is soft and actually feels like rubber. They are white in color, although for an older RV camper, it may be a sort of off white or tan color. When rubber RV roofing starts to get old, it will have a chalky feel that lets you know the rubber is getting worn.

2 - Metal RV Roofing

Metal RV roofing is not as popular as rubber RV roofing is. They are made of aluminum and have a shiny or metallic look. On metal RV roofing, you will also see support beams since the metal is flexible and cannot support a lot of weight alone.

3 - Fiberglass RV Roofing

Fiberglass RV roofing is very rare and not easy to identify. This type of RV roofing is hard and does not flex as the metal RV roofing does. They are extremely hard yet smooth. Fiberglass RV roofing is very slippery when it gets wet so in cleaning them, you have to be very cautious.