3 Types of Sink Stoppers

There are a few different types of sink stoppers that all work well. Here is a little information about each to decide which is best for you.

Combination Strainer and Stopper

This type of stopper works as a strainer and keeps any food particles from going down your drain as you wash the dishes or just on a daily basis. When you turn the bottom though it becomes an actual sink stopper and can be used to fill up the sink or soak dishes in. It goes back and forth easily, usually with turn a turn of the bottom. This is probably the most expensive of the three but also serves the most purposes.

Level Stopper

This type of stopper just sits on top of the sink and is used only when you need to fill up the sink or keep anything from draining. Typically it is just a plastic looking mat or circle and can cover the drain with a little bit of suction. This one is the least expensive of the three.

In Drain Stopper

The in drain stopper is a combination and while it does not strain, it does get placed into the drain for maximum stopping. It works really well and can be taken in and out easily.

Each of these will work for your stopping needs however you will have to evaluate what exactly you want from the stopper when deciding which is best for you.