3 Types of Wheelchair Van Ramps

Various options are available in the niche of wheelchair van ramps, each addressing different mobility requirements. Read on to learn about the most common types of wheelchair van ramps.

1. Portable Wheelchair Ramps

These are among the more flexible of wheelchair van ramps, providing greater customization possibilities. These are available in the single-fold and multi-fold designs. These ramps are very sturdy and can be attached to different types of vehicles, including vans, and even in outdoor spaces. The multi-fold variety is recommended for customers looking for a longer ramp range. The other option is a roll-up wheelchair ramp wherein the folding mechanism is more undemanding.

2. Telescopic or Semi-Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Telescopic wheelchair van ramps are called so because they open and shut in mannerism similar to telescopes. These ramps are also called length-adjustable ramps or track ramps. These wheelchair van ramps put forth easy adjustability according to different landing heights, i.e. distance between the van’s floor and the ground upon which the ramp is laid. These are sometimes referred to as portable wheelchair van ramps but it should be noted that these are not foldable like the portable ramps explained above.

3. Fixed or Built-in Wheelchair Accessible Ramps

These are among the least flexible type of van ramp. As the name suggests, these are not temporarily fixed into the van, i.e. they are permanently installed. Thus, they are also called permanent wheelchair van ramps. They are powered in various ways, including the electrical and manual form. Such ramps are mounted along a certain section of the van and provide a greater degree of sturdiness. They are ideal for supporting heavier individuals.