3 Unique Uses for Wooden Wagon Wheels

If you have some wooden wagon wheels which you no longer need, then rather than discarding them, you should consider other projects which can make use of these items. Wooden wagon wheels are great objects which can be used in a number of different ways, from the simple installing on a toy cart to using them in the garden. There are so many things that you can do with wooden wagon wheels that to throw them away would be a waste. Consider using them in an original project which will also test your hobby skills.

Use in the Garden

The best way of reusing old wagon wheels, or wheels that are not going to be used for a project, is to take them out into the garden. Wagon wheels have been a traditional symbol of the homestead, and you can add a touch of this to your home by installing one or two of these into your garden. Making sure that you get the best for your design means that you can use it as the top of a pagoda, training the plants to trail around the spokes. You could also use it in static display, perhaps as part of a decorative wall or decking area. Wagon wheels are traditionally installed at the front of the home, so you could add one beside your door and put on the house number and the family name. You could also hang it in the back garden, and use it as a talking point during parties.

Use as Furniture

A second alternative is to use the wagon wheel as a piece of furniture. The spokes are usually positioned inside the frame of the wheel a little, so you could consider adding glass to one side of the wheel, framed with a little bit of plywood, and then painted. The table can then be secured to a pedestal type leg. You could make this into a coffee table, or perhaps into a dining table if it is large. Turn the wagon wheel into a seat by adding stuffing, and basing it upon a large pouffe.

Use for Animals

Another way to use up the wagon wheels is to turn them into playgrounds for animals. You could turn it into a comfortable play space for your cat, for example, with padded material between the spokes. For a dog, you could turn it into a lounger, with cushioned areas over the surface of the wheel. You could also use the wagon wheels outside as wild-animal toys. Suspended from the ground over a few bricks, with plastic sheeting, it would make a convenient hiding area for larger animals. Smaller toy wheels can be suspended from trees, and nuts and other bird toys hung from the spokes. This will make it a suitable area for birdwatching. If you don't want birds in your garden, then a few CDs hung from the spokes will create a bird-scarer.