3 Useful Grease Trap Cleaners

Grease trap cleaners are really only used in commercial grease traps, such as with restaurants. With most grease traps the solutions is to scoop out the grease into heavy duty garbage bags and dispose of responsibly.

1. Chemicals

There are grease trap cleaners one can purchase. These days the use of dangerous chemicals is frowned upon, where it’s even permitted (many areas now ban this). The only acceptable grease trap cleaners on the market are all eco-friendly.

2. Commercial Products

There are several commercial products that won’t damage the environment, but which will break down the grease and the oil with microorganisms as well as containing the odors that can develop with waste grease. These will be useful in domestic situations where the grease will go from the grease traps into the sewer lines; commercial grease traps need to be emptied regularly as part of standard kitchen maintenance. A good grease trap cleaner should contain no acids or alkalines.

3. Scooping

The traditional method of cleaning a grease trap is by scooping out the grease on a regular basis and disposing of it properly. To make it easier to handle, put several thick garbage bags one inside another and fill with cat litter before pouring in the grease. The litter will absorb the grease and make it easier to handle.