3 Uses for an Impact Driver

An impact driver is a type of tool that delivers both downward and rotation force at the same time. There are both manual and powered varieties of impact drivers. The manual types utilize a hammer blow to deliver downward and rotational force. Powered types are powered by either air or electricity, usually a battery.  Below you will find 3 possible uses for an impact driver.

Brake Drum Removal

The manual kind of impact driver, equipped with a hardened screwdriver bit, can be used to remove the 2 lock screws that hold rear brake drums on some cars.

Driving Self Tapping Screws

The slower speed, coupled with the downward hammering force of a powered impact driver, makes them ideal tools for driving self tapping screws into sheet metal.

Breaking Lose Rusted Screws and Nuts

The extra torque and hammering action supplied by both powered and manual impact drivers is ideal for breaking loose rusted nuts and bolts. Nuts and bolts that have been over torque can also be broken loose using an impact driver.