3 Uses for Black Mulch

In the modern day, it has become quite common for people to see plastic black mulch for sale, either in gardening centers, or online. Black mulch is made from recycled plastic, and can be put to a number of different uses. This type of mulch can be easily applied, and can be used to grow a number of crops, making it ideal for the small garden.

1. Warming the Soil

Black plastic absorbs sunlight, which is then transferred into the ground. This can make it the perfect beginning mulch for a garden which is often cold or covered in shadow. Warmer soil also allows you to grow crops which would otherwise not be able to produce plants.

2. Protecting Plants

The plastic mulch is also hard to penetrate for plants, so if you use it, it will help to limit the growth of weeds in your vegetable bed. Spread tightly over the surface of the ground, the mulch will stop weeds such as dandelion and nettles from smothering your plants.

3. Stops Ground Contact

Plastic black mulch is also conveniently used by many people to prevent vegetables from touching the soil. Contact with the soil for delicate frutis such as watermelons, peppers, tomatos or squashes can cause rot, mold, or other infections, so providing a protective barrier will help secure the vegetables.