3 Uses for Carriage Bolts

Carriage bolts differ from regular screws as they have a domed head. They are not designed to be screwed into the surface and the square shape underneath the domed head prevents the bolt from turning once set into position. This makes them ideal for a variety of uses.

1. Wood Frames

Carriage bolts are ideal for use in wood-to-wood applications. Their unique shape holds wood better than any other types of screws. This makes them a great option when building a wood frame or when you just need to hold two wood pieces together without needing a screw with a sunken head.

2. Wood-to-Metal

Although carriage bolts excel at holding wood pieces together, they are also a great option for metal-to-wood joining. The square under the head ensures no movement, and tightening the nut will make the domed head act as a washer holding the metal down.

3. Wood Beams

A heavy wood beam needs to be supported by a heavy-duty screw. Carriage bolts are perfect for this as they generally are threaded all the way to the top. This and the square beneath the domed head makes them better than lag bolts. To achieve an even snugger fit you can slip two or three finishing nails in the hole before you tap in the carriage bolts.