3 Uses for Rough Cut Lumber

Lumber on a white background.

Rough cut lumber has no shortage of applications. It is great for those who like the rustic appearance, and it is also superb because, being rough-cut from the start, it has a greater margin of error when you cut it.

1. Beams

A beam.

If you want to create the old country style look with exposed beams, rough cut lumber is your best bet. Its basic nature is to look rustic and worn, so you can use it to create exposed overhead beams in your home or use it for beams on the walls.

2. Picture Frames

Picture frames on a wall.

You can cut the lumber to make rustic picture frames for your home or basement area. Many people who use rough cut lumber to build a rustic style cocktail bar will use the cut offs to make decorative items like picture frames or mirror frames.

3. Outdoor Furniture

A picnic bench.

You can quite easily use rough cut lumber outside and make benches or swinging benches from it, or even a tree swing for the kids. The term rough cut does not necessarily mean it is cut so rough that you will get splinters. Plus, you can sand it finely for a good finish. It is also cheaper than buying fine cut wood.