3 Uses for Tubular Rivets

Tubular rivets are the most traditional and most commonly used rivets among many projects today. Tubular rivets have many uses, and for many reasons.

A tubular rivet is a cylinder-shaped rivet that is actually hollow part way through. It is open on the ends unlike other rivets, leaving you to be able to peer inside of it.

Below you will discover three uses for tubular rivets, and why they are used in such projects.

1. Wood Working 

A tubular rivet is used for many different things. Among wood workers, this rivet is used because it hold joints together well, and there is no need for glue, etc.  

2. Small Household Tools 

Pull out a common household tool like a scissors, and chances are you will find a tubular rivet holding it together. This is because these items do not require a tremendous amount of joint strength.

3. Aircraft Industry

You will also find tubular rivets on a structural part of an aircraft. Tubular rivets offer extra safety and reliability, which is exactly what's needed for an aircraft.

Once these rivets are placed, it is a tough job to remove them. Tubular rivets are on an object to stay, and that is why they are so commonly used among a widespread of things.