3 Varieties of Orange Perennial Flowers 3 Varieties of Orange Perennial Flowers

An orange perennial can add a dramatic depth of color to your flower garden. When paired with other bright yellow perennial flowers, the display of color is almost hypnotic.

There are a wide range of perennial flowers on the market today, with more being introduced each year. Here is a short list of some of the more hearty orange perennial varieties.

1. Orange Golden Mum
The Orange Golden Mum is a wide ranging plant that can grow in a wide variety of zones. It can grow to 48". It thrives in full sun or a light shade and will bloom in the fall.

2. Helen's Flower
Helen's Flower will come out and bloom a deep, dark orange in the summer and fall. It can grow in the full sun, or even light shade, and will stand to a height of 60 inches. It is often referred to as a flower that gives a great late season bloom.

3. Orange Oriental Poppy

This flower is a late summer bloomer that has a vibrant orange petal with a dark purple center. They are in the poppy family and can grow to a height of up to 36". They thrive in the full sun.

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