3 Vinyl Pergola Types to Consider 3 Vinyl Pergola Types to Consider

When looking at your property and determining what kind of vinyl pergola to install, take into consideration not only the appearance but the function as well. Pergolas have been used for centuries to provided shade as well enhance the look of a backyard or garden. Gardeners have been using pergolas for years as supports for grapevines. Today, use of a vinyl pergola design allows a homeowner to eliminate the worry of wood rot or need for annual refinishing. Sure, you may have to wipe it clean every now and then, but unlike other outdoor wood structures, it needs no special finishing to protect it from the elements. Here are some pergola ideas to consider:

A vinyl pergola can be employed as a transition space between a home and outdoor property leading to a lawn or garden.

Often, vinyl pergolas provide shade for that favorite spot out back where you like to relax, for example, over a patio or perhaps over a hot tub. Consider a vinyl pergola covering your favorite backyard hammock or swing as well.

An arbor pergola is employed as a large plant hanger allowing crawling and clinging vines to have a place to live. They make great accents for any garden where hanging plants can be located that need partial sunlight but will enjoy some of the shade a vinyl pergola can provide.

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