3 Warning Signs of a Failing Engine Oil Pump

Oil is the lubrication that keeps your vehicle going, so a failing engine oil pump should be replaced immediately in order to prevent any damage to your engine. If you begin to notice additional noises, a higher than normal temperature gauge, or your oil light comes on, it is very likely that your oil pump is the culprit. Read ahead for the warning signs you should be looking for.

#1 - Decreasing Oil Pressure

The first and most obvious sign is your oil light coming on, meaning that you don't have enough oil pressure. If you have noticed stalling or decreased engine power, then you should check your oil level. If the oil level is normal, then it is the oil pump.

#2 - Noisy Engine

Your engine depends on oil to keep all of it's internal parts moving. If it isn't getting enough oil, you will hear complaints coming from the engine. Even the oil pump itself can make a whining noise when it is failing, but this doesn't always happen.

#3 - High Engine Temperature

If the temperature of your engine is higher than normal, it may be caused by the failing oil pump. Oil lubricates everything, if there is not enough lubrication, it will cause friction, and friction is what will cause the temperature of the engine to rise.