3 Water Saving Ideas for Outdoors 3 Water Saving Ideas for Outdoors

Outdoor water saving ideas are useful for any homeowner concerned about water cost and usage. Every year as the winter slowly comes to an end, homeowners start planning their gardens, making plans for outdoor lawn projects and generally preparing themselves for the coming warmer weather. By starting early and having a plan, you can incorporate some easy routines around your home that will both conserve water and keep your costs to a minimum.  

3 Outdoor Water Saving Ideas

Consider the following ideas for reducing your water usage during the spring and summer, the time of year usage normally goes up. 

Install a Water Barrel

Depending on where you live, the summer time may not be the rainiest time of year. Still, it will likely rain a bit, and once you have this installation in place you can store water that falls during the fall and winter. By hooking up a water barrel to one or more downspouts on your gutters, you are doing yourself and your municipality a favor. Each average size rain barrel catches and stores as much as 55 gallons of rain water. Attached to it is a spigot on the bottom and a drain valve near the top. You attach a hose to spigot which can then be used to water your garden or lawn. Should it overfill, the excess water drains out of the top. This all but eliminates having to turn on the outdoor spigot when watering. Your municipality is pleased because it reduces strain on the water system, keeps water out of the storm drain and helps in drought conditions. 

Use a Soaker Hose

Rather than attach a normal hose to the outdoor spigot and use it to water your lawn or connect it to a sprinkler, consider using a soaker hose. A soaker hose is flat when empty. It rolls out through a garden bed or over a patch of lawn. When the water is turned on, dozens of small holes release tiny jets of water which spray in all directions. This saves water because less water ultimately jets out from the hose. Granted, if you keep it on for hours it won’t save any water. Most gardens and lawns, however, only need to be soaked for a few minutes. 

Turn Off Your Automatic Sprinkler System

Automatic sprinklers are very convenient. They start on their own and water your lawn even if you are away, at work or don’t have time to do it. They can, however, be very wasteful. If they are not calibrated correctly, they may water concrete or the side of your house as much as they do the lawn. Some smart sprinkler systems are built to detect moisture levels so they can adjust their watering. Most are not this advanced, though. Turning off the automatic system will use less water. You can still water your lawn. Just change your habits and spend a few minutes in the evening doing it. 

It is up to each homeowner to use less water as a whole. While gardens need regular water during the summer in order to grow and prosper, lawns should be secondary. If you absolutely have to keep your lawn green through the hot months, do your part to conserve by changing your habits slightly. You’ll save money and use less water.

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