3 Ways to a Clean Brick Fireplace

Having a clean brick fireplace not only ensures the prevention of fire issues, but is also very aesthetically pleasing to the room. If you see your fireplace could use some cleaning, these three easy methods will tidy it up in no time. 

Use a Wire Brush and Hot Water

If your fireplace brick hasn’t turned black with soot, than you can probably get away with cleaning the surface with a wire brush and some hot water.  Just dip the brush in a bucket of hot water and start scrubbing.  You’ll want to pick up a softer wire brush so as not to scratch the surface of the brick.

Use Homemade Cleaning Solutions

A mixture of hot water, borax acid, and pumice powder will work wonders on the toughest soot stains.  After mixing the ingredients in a bucket, spread the mixture on the brick and let it dry for about ten minutes.  Then wipe the brick down with a rag and clean water.

Use Chlorine Bleach

A chlorine solution with hot water will tackle the toughest mold and mildew stains in your fireplace. Since bleach has some hazardous chemicals, make sure to wear rubber gloves for safety when cleaning and scrubbing.