3 Ways to Create Deck Privacy

Creating deck privacy provides an outdoor environment that is truly an extension of the home. Unfortunately, many people do not feel as if they have sufficient privacy on their deck. Implementing the following suggestions to create a more private atmosphere on your deck will undoubtedly create a more peaceful place to relax in.

1. Evergreen Trees

Purchase evergreen trees to shield your porch from the neighbor’s view. If you live in an apartment, you may purchase potted evergreen trees and place them strategically around the perimeter of your deck. However, if you live in a home these trees can be planted into the ground where they will grow for years to come.

The more mature a tree becomes the higher and thicker it will grow; therefore increasing your privacy year after year. Thick growing shrubbery is also a viable option which will serve the same purpose if there aren’t any evergreen trees that you like. Using plants to obstruct the view of your deck will encourage you to go outside if only to water the plants. In addition, the presence of plant life is known to increase relaxation.

2. Privacy Screens

Another way to privatize your deck is by purchasing several privacy screens. Depending upon the space you have to work with, your deck will require one to five screens to create a private mood. Place the screens around the perimeter of your deck and create a cozy feeling outdoors.

Privacy screens are available in many designs and can be purchased as a natural wood structure. The screens can be personalized to reflect your creative self and evoke a more personal feeling on your porch. Use heavy duty outdoor paint and stencils to decorate the screens in any manner you desire. If you’re afraid of your artistic ability you can personalize a plain wooden privacy screen by staining the wood with your favorite color.

3. Canopies

A third way to increase your privacy on the deck is to extend your roof or install a canopy. This is especially useful in a condo or apartment atmosphere where numerous people can see your deck from several angles. Extending your roof or installing an awning will evoke a comfortable indoor feeling while you relax outside. Furthermore, the covering will shield your porch from rain and allow you to sit outside on days when your neighbors cannot. Consider a retractable awning that will make your porch more versatile.

    A combination of any or all of the three aforementioned ideas will certainly increase your sense of privacy on your porch. It is important that you feel comfortable and safe in every area of your living space, even if it is exposed to the public. Using plants, privacy screens or an awning to boost your sense of privacy on your porch is unquestionably worth the expense. Once you feel comfortable on your deck it is likely that you will spend more time outside reading a book or socializing with friends.