3 Ways To Improve Your Water Heater Efficiency

Establishing water heater efficiency is one of the most important ways to reduce home energy usage. In this article, we will present three simple ways that you can make your water heater more efficient. As a last resort, you may even consider replacing your old water heater with a newer energy efficient model.

1. Convert to Gas

Natural gas is far less expensive to heat with than electricity. Converting to a gas-fired water heater could save the cost of the water heater in the first 2 years of operation, and can last for 15 to 20 years without needing any sort of repair or replacement.

2. Turn Down the Heat
Hot water heaters have an adjustable thermostat. While it is not advised to turn the heat up much because it could burn out the heating elements, turning the heat down will save you money right away. After all, most of our hot water usage is combined with cold water anyway, so by turning down the heat you are also reducing the water required.

3. Use Additional Insulation
Consider building a cabinet around your water heater, and insulating it. Modern water heaters are not too wasteful as far as radiating heat is concerned, but adding more insulation is never a bad idea. Box out the area around the heater, and line it with R19 or some other suitable insualtion.