3 Ways to Make Solar Power 3 Ways to Make Solar Power

Green power sources are becoming more and more popular, and a homeowner can easily make solar power.

1. Make or Buy Solar Panels

Making solar power begins with solar panels. Solar panels can be installed on the home roofs, fences, or as self-standing units. Solar panels are becoming easier to find and can even be homemade for just a few dollars with parts available at your local hardware store. Solar panels convert solar power to electricity, and will reduce or eliminate your electricity bill.

2. Make or Buy a Solar Hot Water Heater

Solar power can also be used to heat water. Like solar panels, a solar water heater can be homemade or purchased from dealer. Solar water heaters will easily heat water to a sufficiently hot temperature; in fact, you may even need to add a cold water feed to your water heater to prevent scalding. A solar water heater will eliminate your water bills.

3. Use the Money Saved to Add More Solar Panels

As you save money on your power bills, you can use the money saved to add more solar panels to your collection. In fact, once you have eliminated your power bill, you can begin to sell power back into the grid and receive a profit. Remember, every watt generated by your solar panels is one less watt generated by fossil fuels!

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