3 Ways to Prevent Copper Corrosion 3 Ways to Prevent Copper Corrosion

There are some ways to prevent copper corrosion. You will need to stop the air from coming in contact with the copper as this is what causes the corrosion.

1. Grease

By using some kind of grease, such as a layer of Vaseline, over the copper you can prevent copper corrosion. This isn’t suitable for all objects made of copper, but where you have copper pipes in the basement, for example, it can prove to be an excellent solution. You do need to make sure that you cover all the pipe in the grease so you have an airtight coating over the metal for this to work.

2. Sealer

Employing a paint sealer to keep air off the copper is another good way to stop copper corrosion. This is a solution that will work with copper objects, although in this case it will be for display objects rather than anything to be handled regularly.

3. Cleaning

With most copper objects, regular cleaning is the answer. This will prevent any type of corrosion happening to the copper as well as keeping the metal shiny. Clean monthly to achieve the best results. This takes time, but if done thoroughly copper corrosion will never be a problem.

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