3 Ways to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets Inexpensively Part 1 3 Ways to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets Inexpensively Part 1

There are a number of ways to refinish kitchen cabinets a get whole new look, inexpensively! 

When considering your design options, select a theme such as country, contemporary, modern, or traditional. Each theme will provide you with a different approach to your refinishing endeavors. This article will focus on a country style theme that will utilize both stain and painting technique, in addition to stencil art.

Step #1: Apply Paint And Stain

To begin, be sure your cabinet surfaces are well cleaned, free of dirt and cooking oils.  These substances will impede good paint adhesion.  Next, select a base color, a color similar to the wall color of your kitchen would be a good choice, perhaps a shade or two lighter.  After removing all the cabinet doors, and removing the hinges and hardware, go ahead and prime and paint your doors and cabinets with the selected color.  Be sure to use flat latex interior paint for the best results.  After allowing the paint to completely dry over night, you can begin the next step, called the Antiqueing process.  Select a stain color, any color you prefer will do. Using an oil base stain, wash all the cabinet and door surfaces with the stain, and remove the excess stain with a soft clean cloth.  The stain will tint the flat paint previously applied the day before, giving your cabinets an antique appearance.

Step #2: Apply a Top Coat

The next step, (after the staining is complete and the cabinet surface have been allowed to dry over night) is to seal everything with a top coat (best to use a clear water based urethane product). Apply the top coat with a wide sponge brush. When the top coat is dry, carefully give the surface a light sanding, followed with a cleaning (wipe all surfaces with a tack cloth).  Then apply another top coat. Two coats are sufficient for now.

Step #3: Get Creative!

Now for the creative artist in you! Select a simple, yet country-themed stencil pattern.  Perhaps a cut out of a fish, cow, chicken, stalks of wheat, the sun, or a crescent moon; whatever image you select, be sure the stencil is the appropriate size for the cabinet doors.  Choose a new solid color that will complement the colors already chosen.  Using a stencil brush, or sponge, go ahead an paint the stencil work on the selected doors, then top coat your work with clear water base urethane as before. One coat should be enough to protect your stencil art and give the cabinets and doors a beautiful, professional look.

You can find a wide selection of stencil patterns, tools, paints, and how-to guides at your neighborhood paint or home supply center.  The cost for materials to perform this refinishing on an average size kitchen should come to under $250.00, and take about 24 hours to complete.  Be sure to lay down drop cloths when staining and painting, and allow for proper ventilation while at work. So go ahead, roll up your sleeves, and good luck!



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