3 Ways to Tell if Your Toilet Flex Supply Line Needs to Be Replaced

Flex supply lines, commonly used in the plumbing of toilets, save installation and replacement time and cost less than other types of supply lines. As part of maintenance and repair, you may need to replace the flex supply line on your toilet. There are a few indicators you can look for which indicate this flex line needs to be replaced.

Indication 1 – Leak in Line

If there is a toilet leak traced back to the supply line, you can quickly repair the leak by replacing the flex supply line.

Indication 2 – Leak in Connection

If there is a toilet leak traced back to either connection of the flex supply line, you can easily repair the connection leak by replacing the supply line.

Indication 3 – Toilet Will Not Fill

If you are experiencing issues with the toilet not filling up, your issue could be in the supply line that brings in the water to the toilet. You can determine if this is the issue and if you need to replace the supply line. Simply remove the supply line from the toilet and wall connection and run water through the line. If the flow of water through the flex line seems obstructed, then replace the flex line with a new flex line.